Clàudia Vives-Fierro

Born in Barcelona in 1969, has been working as an artist since 1991. Her art has been exemplyfied by paintings, engravours, sculptures, photographies, video-art, djperformances...


Born in Barcelona, she graduated from the University of Barcelona in 1990, majoring in Business Administration. In 2011, she received her undergraduate in Audiovisual Communication, and later on, in 2012, she got a master's degree in Cinema and Television from the Univeristy Ramon Llull. Currently working on her PH D.

At the same time, she made different workshops of art in the School of Eina of Barcelona, focusing mainly on paintings, sculptures, photography and engravings.

Also workshops on music production and DJ in Ibiza and Barcelona.

Currently attending the master degree on Sound Art in the University of Barcelona.

In 2020 she shows her last videoart piece at Espacio Cómplices in Madrid.

In 2019 she is finalist in the FADArt  Awards.

In 2019she presents her work at Jorge Alcolea Gallery in Barcelona.

In 2019 she presents the book "Atención Desayunos" in collaboration with Belén Astorga.

In 2019 she shows her work at the Flic Festival of ilustration.

In 2018 presents her first documentary 'Pater' at Filmoteca de Catalunya and at the Begur International Film Festival.

In 2018 presents Insert Coin at the International Art Fair SWAB.

In 2018, she exposes Hybrid Art Fair Madrid.

In 2017, she exposes in Utopia Market in Barcelona. 

In 2016 she exposes in Galeria Àgora 3 in Sitges.

In 2015, she exposes in the Sala d'Art El Quatre de Barcelona.


In 2014, she shows her work in the Sala de Exposiciones de St. Francesc, in Formentera. She participates, as well, in the Under the Subway Videoart Festival of New York.

In 2012, she exposes in the premises of Mise en Scène, in Barcelona; she proceeds by exposing later on that year, in the Galeria Berri in Ibiza.

In 2011, she shows her work in the Galería Hartmann of Barcelona, and the Galería Agora, of Sitges.

In 2009, she received the URL2009 Award in the painting category.

From 2003 to 2008 member of the directing bord of Futbol Club Barcelona.

In 2007, she exposes in the Galería Hartmann of Barcelona, and the Galería Berri  in Ibiza.

In 2005, she shows her art in the Gran Hotel la Floria de Barcelona, and participated in the Feria InArt of Gerona.

In 2004, she exposes in Andorra and the Fontanals of Cerdanya.

In 2003, she exposes in the Galería Hartmann of Barcelona, and participates in the Fair LOOP of videoart.

In 2002, she exposes in the Galería Gonzalo Oliván, in Sitges; as well as, in the Galería Nova3, in Sabadell..

In 2001, she shows her work in the Galería Arita Art, Andorra, and also in the Casino in Puigcerdà.

In 2000, she exposes in the Galería Ismes, in Vilanova i la Geltrú. 

In 1999, she exoposes in the Galería Pretexto of Barcelona and in the Galería Carme Torrellardona, in Andorra.

In 1998, she shows her work in the Room of exhibitions in the BBVA, Barcelona; in the Galería Agora, in Sitges, and also in Espai 13 of the Miró's Foundation. 

In 1997, she exposes in Art 16, in Olot, as well as she exposes in the Galería Andorra Art and in the Gremio de Coleccionistas in Barcelona. 

In 1996, she exposes in the Sala Parés, In Barcelona, and in the Galería Ismes, which is located in the Vilanova i la Geltrú.

In 1995, she shows her work in the Galería Palma XII, in Vilafranca del Penedés.

In 1994, she exposes in the Galería Jordi Barnadas, in Barcelona

In 1993, she exposes in the Galería Comas, in the Galería Agora, in Sitges and in the Fundación La Caixa, in Andorra.

In 1991, she shows her work for the first time in the room Up&Down, in Barcelona.


She has also been part of more than 40 other collective exhibitions.