After more than 25 years her art has made a continious evolution

Mar i Cel (2016)

This exhibition took place in the summer of 2015 in Sitges at the Agora Gallery. The  work presented was about the sky and the sea, inspired for her love in the swimming races on open waters... Photos, paintings, sculptures ... trying to take the audience to the pleasure to enjoy the water .

This exhibition took place in Barcelona is collection of pieces that have scenes where viewers are either collectively or individually in different areas looking images. To highlight the role of the viewer because it si well known that the work in not finished until they are been watch. art lives at the time suggests argument about what is seen. Allowing to build ones unique strory.

The collection of 100 sculptures of dogs watching the paintings are used as a metaphor of the different possible audience.

Luxury Audience (2015)
Any Day in Formentera (2014)

This exhibition took place in the summer of 2014, at Sant Francesc, in Formentera. The  main idea behind these pieces was to show what can happen any day in Formentera. It included a several amount of drawings, a video, and an instalation. See for yourselves the scenes on the beach,  the people having fun or just enjoying the moment, some birds, dj's, nature and hamcocks...

A Lovestory (2011)

This exhibition took place in the Hartmann Gallery in Barcelona, in 2011. All the paintings, photos and sculptures were about couples. She wanted to pursue the idea of always having someone by your side. Multiple couples are represented, walking around, sitting... it did not even matter what they were doing as long as they were together. 

Readers (2009)

This exhibition was to conmemorate the Year of the Book, that took place in Barcelona in 2009. It was a one day exhibition at Hotel La Florida in Barcelona. The thing here was to always apply a book in any of the situations that were represented in each of the many paintings and sculptures that  Vives-Fierro made.