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Tapís Sonor d'Urús (2024)

A performance to weave the soundscape that happens around. A practice that derives from the conceptualization of sound art that addresses conceptual and textual construction. A conceptualization of the sound world that represents an expanded situation of sound and its uncontainable textuality, and which is made concrete by weaving the score with the textual descriptions of the soundscape that takes place around it. Spectators encounter the performance as in the encounter with a landscape painter with his easel set up to portray the landscape live, and who wants to invite them to practice the deep listening (Deep Listening) that the artist Pauline talks about Oliveros. Listening that allows us to become aware of the sound world that surrounds us and invites us to reflect on it. The score includes sounds of all kinds, geophysical, which derive from climatic and geographical elements, biological, which derive from living beings, and anthropological, which derive from different mechanical artifacts. A sound practice that is a complement to the conceptualism developed by Duchamp in the visual arts where he questioned the retinal conception, thus he proposes a non-cochlear sound art, the material with which he works is sound, but with a different concreteness.

Jingles Eivissencs 2023

 A multidisciplinar work developed after a deep research on Ibiza's sound identity. A work that includes Photography, Videoart, Sound Art and Experimental Writing.

#WomenArtists 2022

#womenartists is born from the idea that the gender gap also exists in the art world. The intention is that the names of the artists become public domain and arouse interest in their work. This is how I wanted to combine the portrait of each artist with a visual reference of their work in the form of a collage.

CryptoRoses, 2021
Dancers, 2020

My Place, Your Place, 2019

When considering the remodeling of my studio, I took in consideration the ideas developed by Richard Sennet in his book "The public space". A studio on the street, with a large window,, inserted into the city, like a porous membrane that allows communication, integrate the neighborhood, rescue people from indifference, a space that is not a closed box but seeks the balance between intimacy and exposure, between public and private, where it turns out that the exchange and the presence of others acts as a stimulus, as a creative force. Because cosmopolitanism results from the positive presence of others.