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Born in Barcelona, ​​she has been working between Barcelona and Ibiza for 30 years in different fields of art, drawing, painting, engraving, sculpture, video art and sound art. She is also the author of the documentary “Pater”.

PhD in Audiovisual Communication.

She has placed experimentation as a strategy for creation, which means focusing on the creative process. Understanding experimentation as the possibility of doing tests, to try things unknown, but also doing different exercises with the known ones, in order to check or discover the results obtained. With openness to all kinds of bumps and occurrences.

A creative process that is based on searching, finding, testing, valuing, exploring, taking risks, relying on chance and improvisation, to accommodate the unexpected and deviations. It means being attentive and assessing what is happening to redefine your own criteria based on the results obtained in the process.

Experimentation is the result of creativity not only in people's minds, but in the interaction between what the person thinks and the sociocultural context in which they are immersed. It is the result of the interaction that takes place within a culture of various elements: symbolic rules, a subject that brings novelty to this symbolic field and a set of experts who recognize and give validity to the proposed innovation, these three elements they are needed to manage an idea, a product, or a creative discovery.

It always works keeping in mind that the question that the work of art formulates about the real only makes sense if it is shared, if the work is at the same time a claim, a social act and a social creation.

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